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This has been such a wonderful year so far for us.  Our stable of talented authors has increased, we’ve had some award winners and then there has been the growth of our print division! It’s something all authors aspire to… seeing their name in print!  I know that it never gets old for me, no matter how often I’ve seen it!! As we produce more and more of our awesome titles in print, the opportunity exists for our authors to promote themselves in new and exciting ways and for you – the reader – there are now exciting opportunities to meet your favourite authors in person!  Here are two upcoming book signings for 4 October that I know you won’t want to miss out on!!

AnIrresistableShadow_200x300Kirsten S. Blacketer

Kirsten will be hosted by the Cheyenne Barnes & Noble (1851 Dell Range Blvd, Cheyenne, WY) on Saturday, October 4th from 1 – 5 pm.

She’ll not only have books and be signing up a storm, but she’s promised cake and swag!

Kristen is such fun to hang out with so I would highly recommend that you pop in if you can.  You won’t want to miss out!!

ElfenObsession200Decadent Kane

Summer Ross AKA Decadent Kane is being hosted by Wind City Books (152 S. Centre, Casper, WY) on Saturday, October 4th from 1 – 3 pm for her paranormal romance release Elven Obsession:

Something Elven this way comes…

Both of these talented authors will be more than happy to sign your copy for you, chat about inspiration, characters and writing.  They would love the chance to spend some one-on-one time with fans.  After all, without their fans, they wouldn’t be where they are today!

As for me, I’m so extremely proud of these lovely ladies.  They’re amazing women and talented writers yes, but they’re also great friends.  I hope that you’ll all make an effort to go out and support them.

Until next time…

Domino xx



Meet Marcus Zankoriewicz from Fire on Ice by Lisa A. Adams

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Fire on Ice 200x300Click HERE to order your copy now!!

Marcus Zankoriewicz is a leader in the National Hockey League… and has just announced he’s gay.

Facing a firing squad of reporters accusing him of adultery with another player’s wife, Marcus Zankoriewicz sees there’s only one way out. He must make the announcement he knew would come one day.

But, this is hockey. Well known for its rough and manly men, Marcus must prepare himself for an onslaught of changes that threaten his career and love life.


I’d like to welcome hockey star Marcus Zankoriewicz from Fire on Ice by Lisa A. Adams.  I’m really looking forward to finding out what makes him tick.

Hi Marcus, why don’t you start by telling us about yourself and what got you in the crosshairs for your author?

I’ve known Lisa for a while now. We met at her first live hockey game a few years ago. Though, I wasn’t sure if my story was ready to be told just then. So, I sat back and waited just to see how long she could go without spilling the beans. I was surprised it was this long to be frank. 

She can be quite a patient woman when it comes to writing… clearly, you’ve been quite patient about waiting.  It was worth it though… Now tell me, what was it that drew you to your mate?

Well, I’d have to say it was his playfulness. His flirty way and gorgeous backside was a great turn on. But, that being said… having a partner that shared my love of the ice was probably the clincher.

Yeah, having a common interest is definitely a turn on.  A little naughty fun, where was the wildest place you seduced him?

Since coming out to the public, I’ve been a little braver about being in public. But, I never thought I would ever seduce my partner in the team shower. Thank goodness no one was around.

The team shower?  Wow… you must’ve been feeling brave.  After all, you could’ve ended up giving the rest of the team a show!  Here’s one I never understand… Do you prefer boxers, briefs or commando?

I’m a boxer briefs man myself. It helps with any friction on the thighs and is easily hid while in my Flyers uniform.

Good to know *grin*.  Here’s a great question, if he wants to seduce you, what’s one sure fire trick he can play?

I’m a sucker for games. But all of that amounts to foreplay. Skating on the ice can be just as exhilarating and playful. Put the two together, and I’m sure to be willing and ready with just a sway of his back side.

Foreplay is good.  Foreplay is great for prolonging the excitement.  What is the one place on your partner’s body that you know will drive him wild-in and out of bed?

Honestly, this relationship is very new, and I’m having a wonderful time finding out all the little things that make Justin tick. But, I have noticed that he does this cute little shiver thing when I walk behind him and graze my hand across the top of his ass and around his side. I think that’s definitely a sweet spot for him.

Well, it’s subtle and you can use it in public, so that’s a good one to know about… especially if you want to leave a function and need him to get your drift *grin*.  Here’s your chance to spill on Lisa…. what was one of the most embarrassing things your author did to you in Fire on Ice?

I can’t believe she brought up the pictures from the press. I mean I understand that you have to start a story somewhere, but Jacobson is a great friend, and the press really blew those pictures out of proportion.

Pictures?  Care to elaborate?

You’ll just have to read the book *grin*

Fair enough… is there anything else you would like to add?

Go Flyers!

What an awesome interview.  I think you’ll really enjoy this one!!

Chat soon,



On My Soapbox

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0007843179K-1920x1280There’ve been a number of stories doing the rounds lately on the internet and on social media.  Stories particular to the world we inhabit, the world of writers, publishers and readers.

Social Hostages
You may have read something recently about the fact that authors, artists, musicians etc have been locked out of their Facebook accounts for using “false” names.  The truth of the matter is that I can see where this move could genuinely be seen to protect Facebook and their users.  Imagine if you will that a sexual predator, male, 43, is sitting at home behind the profile of your average 14 year old girl.  We would like to think that our kids know better than to talk to strangers, but somewhere along the line they don’t see the danger in “digital” strangers.  Especially if they happen to meet in a One Direction page … see the problem?  From that perspective, I can see some logic to Facebook insisting that you are a REAL person.

However, what Facebook has failed to consider is that artists, authors, musicians, performers etc often make use of a “stage name” for safety reasons, privacy reasons or purely because it’s nice to be someone else for a while.  For authors, this allows us to write erotica and children’s books without compromising either “person”.  These talented individuals have suddenly found themselves locked out of their accounts unless they agree to change their names to their “real” names.  In some cases, these accounts ARE in their real names which adds to the frustration.  How is it that “Simeon dontbothermewithyourgamecrap Jones” is fine, but “Aurora St John” can get locked out??

Facebook has provided a platform.  A way to communicate, share, promote and interact.  These restrictions – however well intentioned – feel a bit like a pen manufacturer telling us what we can and cannot write with their pens.

Failure to Communicate
I will NOT mention any names here because I don’t feel that it’s appropriate, but there have been a lot of column inches dedicated recently to some financial and communication issues being faced by certain parties in the industry.  There is a lot of heresay, a lot of conjecture and a lot of rumour mongering.

Let me say this.  No matter what the cause is… this is NOT a situation that anyone would want to find themselves in, no matter what side you find yourself on.  The situation is complex enough without extra people jumping in.  I wouldn’t normally talk about this but with all the chatter online, it seemed silly to ignore it all.  This is all I’m going to say and now I’m just going to wait to see what happens next.

Chat soon,




Getting to know A.J. Llewellyn

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asian boy with long hairClick HERE to order your copy now!!

When Lio’s lover cheats on him, he’s forced to give up what he thought was the idyllic romance he’s lived with Maks, including their stunning, scenic Waikiki apartment. He rents a cheap house with magical views on the other side of the island. So why is it so cheap?

He soon becomes haunted by dreams in which a fearsome yet sexy Hawaiian man begs him to rescue him. Lio is certain he’s going nuts until one night in the midst of a tropical rainstorm he follows the man’s urgings and digs a hole in a church graveyard. He finds a gigantic, ancient stone statue with scary eyes…that soon gives Lio the power of…THE LAST WARRIOR…


I love the sound of this one and I had to promise Dominic a favour “as yet to be defined” to get this one away from him.  You could say I’ve made a dangerous bargain *grin*, but it’s worth it, so please join me in welcoming ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­A.J. Llewellyn, author of ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ ‘Ailani: The Last Warrior, which releases on Friday!

A.J. is an author whose obsession with myth, magic, love and romance might have led to serious stalking charges had it not been for the ability to write. Thanks to the existence of some very patient publishers, A.J.’s days are spent writing, reading, and dreaming up new worlds. A.J. has definitely stopped Google-searching former boyfriends and given up all ambition to taste-test every cupcake in the universe to produce over 150 published gay erotic romance novels.

A.J. wants you to read them all.

You can find this author lurking on Facebook and Twitter—part-time class clown being another occupation. When not writing or reading, A.J.’s other passions include juggling, kite-boarding, and spending a fortune buying upgrade apps for Diner Dash.

Please connect with A.J. here at:

Why don’t you start by telling us what your favourite thing is about writing?

Honestly, it’s being in the perpetual fantasy world I’ve created. It’s a wonderful place to live!

That certainly ranks highly on my list of favourite things, as is reading.  I’m guessing that like most writers you’re also a passionate reader.  What is you favourite book?

Of all time? Oh my goodness, how do I answer that? I’d have to say Jane Eyre. It was the first romance novel I ever read, and I still worship it.

That’s an awesome and unusal choice.  I think that it’s true that a number of favourite books are the “first” trip into that genre.  No matter how much you love writing, everyone reaches a point where they need to do something besides write for a while. What’s your favorite activity to clear your head?

I walk my dog. A lot. I do my best writing away from the desk. There is a wonderful lake a few miles from my house. It’s a two-mile walk around the reservoir with ducks, geese, swans, children, other dogs, and I get to think. I can clear my mind, and things always work themselves out when I am not trying to force a solution or work out a scene. I always carry a small notebook and pen and jot things down. Or if I am in a blind panic that I can’t get it down fast enough, I call my voice mail and leave myself a message with the details. I find if I don’t do this immediately, I don’t remember it the same way later.

I’m so glad I’m not the only one!! I use the voice memo function on my phone too… So, if that’s how you clear your mind, what’s your favourite way to unwind on a Friday night?

See above! I like taking my dog to Malibu for dinner with friends on Friday night. I have a friend who lives on one of the remote Malibu beaches (dogs are not allowed to go there), but in the evenings nobody else is there, and we walk the dogs along the shoreline. These are priceless experiences for me.

You’re a real rebel!!  Here’s a nice simple one - your favourite hero and why?

Mr. Rochester from Jane Eyre. He was so proud and loved her so deeply he was willing to let her go. Sob! And when she did come back and found he was blind, he was humbled by her love. And love gave him his eyesight back. Aaahhh…I love this story.

I can tell *grin*.  Are you ready for the lightning round?

Of course!!

Favorite song?
“I’ve Been Searchin’ So Long” – Chicago

The Who

Genre of fiction?

The Lion in Winter



Iced green tea


Television show?
Hawaii Five-O

Book store?
Bart’s Books in Ojai, California

I hope that you’ll all support A.J. by purchasing your copy NOW!!

Until next time…

Domino xx


So You Want to be a Writer?

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After all, it’s glamourous, going to make you famous and you’ll be hobnobbing with celebs at your movie premier before you know it!  Right?

*pauses to finish laughing*

If fame and fortune are the reasons why you want to get into this game, I would suggest that you turn back now, hand back your quill and parchment and collect your giftbag on the way out. If however, you cannot get through a day without articulating something in the written format, then you’ve come to the right place.

Well, it’s not actually a place, it’s more theoretical than that.  It could be your kitchen table, your living room, your study, the garden, on the train… you get the idea.  Anywhere you can use a notebook, laptop, cellphone even, is “the place”.

The next thing to consider is this.  Don’t write for other people.  Very few of us will ever accurately judge what the buying public wants and actually be able to ride the wave with any degree of success.  Sure, after a certain set of books about vampires and werewolves there was a veritable tidal wave of similar stories and some sold really well.  Many just barely caught the edge of the swell.  What you should be doing is writing what YOU want to read, what is speaking to you as a writer.  It’s much easier to promote something you love… trust me!

Have an entourage.  Yeah, I know… this isn’t about the fame, but hear me out.  You should surround yourself with honest people who love you and aren’t afraid to burst your bubble if needed.  They should be supportive enough to pick you up and keep you going and straight forward enough to tell you when something is shit or you’re getting delusions of grandeur.  Keep your feet on the ground as it were.  Even the biggest best-sellers have people who remind them that they’re only human like the rest of us!

So… the last thing I’m going to suggest today is this…. If you want to be a writer… for crying out loud… WRITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chat soon,



Men vs Women – Vulnerability

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male-female-symbolSo here’s an interesting discussion to have over breakfast… Which sex is better at being the “damaged” character?


Ok… here is what happened.  I woke up with a headache and Domino stubbed her toe on the foot of the chaise in the lounge.  In my defence, it was a REALLY bad headache, so I was grumbling a bit while I waited for the meds to kick in.  In her defence, Domino really whacked her toe ‘cos she was running through to the kitchen in case I ate her croissant (which I had threatened to do).  So, we were both a little fragile.

As we sat across from each other nursing our respective wounds, I said that it was a good job that women were usually the “wounded bird” in stories because men have to be the strong leads.  Domino nearly snorted her coffee across the table and said that actually, it makes for a much better read when the MAN is the weak or wounded character. I disagree!

My argument is this.  When you read a romance, it’s more believable if the woman is the vulnerable character.  After all, as a man, I want to be able to identify with the hero and get to save the girl.

Her argument is this.  For her, reading about a man who is vulnerable, possibly even damaged, means that she gets to feel like she’s “saved” him.  She gets to identify with the heroine who gets to be strong, loving, supportive.

Hmm.  Perhaps it’s a matter of perspective?  What do YOU say?  What reads better for you, to have a man who is willing to be vulnerable or who is perhaps damaged or to have a woman be the vulnerable party?

I’d love to hear from you, if only to prove a point to my gorgeous sister… that we can BOTH be right!!

Chat soon,



Meet Casey from Carlos and Casey by Ember Leigh

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Carlos and Casey 200x300Click HERE to order your copy now!!

Casey hasn’t seen Carlos in four years, but a business trip brings the ex-lovers together, and the fire comes roaring to life.

Recently divorced, Casey has been longing for a man’s touch. So when business brings her back to Carlos, the one that got away, it has to be fate. Casey soon discovers the four years apart have only done him better, and soon all she can think about is having his arms, and body, wrapped around hers.

But Carlos is not the same man he was four years ago. Can Casey help reignite his fire or has time left them behind?


Ember Leigh has a truly exotic view on the world from her South American home and I have to tell you, she’s such fun to chat to!  Thanks to her, we’re able to chat to her heroine Casey from her latest story, ­­Carlos and Casey, which releases on Friday.

Hi Casey, hope you’re well.  Thank you so much for joining us.  Let’s start by having you tell us a bit about yourself and what got you in the crosshairs for your author?

Haha, maybe the fact that I’m a sexually repressed 30-something recent divorcee? I guess I can’t say sexually repressed anymore though, since I met up with Carlos again recently…better said would be totally sexually satisfied.

Well, that certainly sounds intriguing!!  So what was it that drew you to Carlos?

We met several years ago and had the hottest fling since Cleopatra and Julius Caesar. I would say I’m exaggerating, but….I’m not. What drew me in was his sexy Spanish accent and those freaking eyes.

There’s something about those Spanish eyes isn’t there *grin*. Here’s a little naughty fun for you, where was the wildest place you seduced him?

We tended to have a lot of sex in public parks, back in the day. But don’t let him know I told you! That was when we were younger, before we entered our careers and all that. Silly twenty-something’s!

Public spaces huh?  Well, that’s certainly wild and the danger of getting caught must’ve added to the heat factor!  Do you prefer your man in boxers, briefs or going commando?

I prefer Commando. It’s just easier to get to the goods, and I like a man that gets to the point, if you know what I mean.

Well, that’s certainly a good point!  So if he wants to seduce you, what is one sure fire trick he can play?

If it’s Carlos, he doesn’t have to do anything but look at me. The man is a sex bomb. Seriously, I’ve never experienced a sexual connection with anyone like with him…especially not my ex-husband. *groan*

When it’s right, it’s right!  So, turn around is fair play, what is the one place on your partner’s body that you know will drive him wild-in and out of bed?

Am I allowed to say ‘cock’ here? *giggle*

You just did *grin*.  Here’s a chance to snitch on Ember… what was one of the most embarassing things your author did to you in Carlos and Casey?

Hmmm… you know what’s embarrassing? Is the fact that I was so down on myself when I met up with Carlos again. That’s not Ember’s fault, either. Divorces have that effect. We go through our down moments, right? Ah, well – live and learn!

That’s true enough.  Sounds like Carlos was just the boost you needed.  Is there anything else you’d like to add before we go?

Um…I don’t know…Am I the only one that thinks Carlos is a living sex god?

You’d know better than I would *grin*

I know you guys will enjoy this one, so do yourself a favour and invest in this book!!

Until next time…

Domino xx


An Excerpt from “Enough” by Matthew J. Metzger

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enough_200x300Click HERE to order your PRINT copy now!!

Jesse can do the math: Ezra’s perfect, he isn’t, and this relationship is doomed. Until the accident forces Jesse to recalculate.

Jesse has never had a real boyfriend before. He’s a firefighter, and that’s all that anyone’s seen before—a quick and thrilling screw, and a story for the future. So when he lands Ezra Pryce, the most beautiful man in the whole of Brighton, Jesse can’t quite understand why Ezra is still here eight months down the line.

Not that he’s going to complain. Ezra’s sexy, sarcastic, and doesn’t treat Jesse like he’s stupid, but Jesse can do the math. Ezra is nothing short of perfection; and Jesse falls a very way short of it. Jesse isn’t going to be enough for someone like Ezra in the long run, and he is living—and loving—on borrowed time. When a disastrous weekend in Norwich introduces Jesse to the staunch disapproval of Ezra’s family and the six-pack of his ex-boyfriend in one fell swoop, Jesse’s fate is sealed. He cannot hope to live up to an ex who has every intention of getting Ezra back, and all the looks and charm to do it too. Jesse is not enough for Ezra and he’s never going to be.

Until the accident forces Jesse to re-evaluate, and shows him exactly what he looks like through Ezra’s eyes.  


Jackie’s was a loud cross between a bar and a club, with a sticky dance floor populated by both straight and gay couples, and a tiny LGBTQ flag above the bar with a sign declaring it to be a “safe space.” Jesse had no idea what that meant, but he grasped that it was okay to be gay in here, and slid an arm around Ezra’s waist at the bar.

“You’re clingy,” Ezra said lightly, but tucked his head briefly against Jesse’s neck in a kind of half-hug pose. “You okay?”

“Yeah,” Jesse said, and slapped Ezra’s hand down. “I’ll get this round. I want you to get tipsy, and you’ll never do that if you stick to your bloody lager.”

“Mr. Dawkins, are you trying to get me drunk?”

“Yes,” Jesse said, handing over a twenty to the bored bartender. In the pause as the guy wrestled with the till, he twisted to kiss Ezra soundly, transmitting his exact intentions with his tongue and his hand possessively low on Ezra’s hip.

“Mm,” Ezra hummed as he pulled back, and his eyes were just a little darker. “Maybe I’ll get a little bit drunk.”

“You do that,” Jesse said, and pressed the glass into his hand.

Jackie’s livened up a little as the bar slowly filled and the money kept changing hands. Jesse kept Ezra on the vodka, relishing the chance to be able to get him drunk. Ezra didn’t like to get drunk if Jesse couldn’t, and Jesse often couldn’t drink because of the risk of being called to an emergency at work, so it was nice to get to let go a little, to drink a bit more than the two-pint maximum, to feel the first fuzzy edges of poor coordination and disjointed thinking take over his brain. The music was kind of shitty – late nineties stuff he hadn’t heard in years – and the bartender was stingy with the doubles, but it was fairly cheap and it was nasty enough to work, and when that wide, beautiful smile bloomed across Ezra’s face when a tiny little lesbian and her girlfriend dragged him to dance with them, insisting they knew him as insistently as he said that they didn’t, Jesse felt happy. Despite Mrs. Pryce, despite Audrey Hepburn being a lesbian, despite the crucifix on the gatepost, he felt happy.

He drained his glass and went to the bathroom, relieving himself clumsily in a definitely nasty bathroom with the telltale streaks of sticky white powder on the counter that said that at least one part of the sex, drugs and rock and roll was going down in here on your average evening. Rinsing his hands off, he wondered if another round was called for, or another bar. Obviously they’d keep going a bit longer. He could still think, for one. And thinking was counterproductive for later, when he’d get Ezra’s long legs wrapped around his waist and try and suck all the alcohol back out through his mouth. Or his neck. Or other places.

Then he left the bathroom, and saw him.

Ezra had escaped the tiny lesbians, and was leaning very precariously against the bar, a fresh drink in hand, and smiling—beaming—at a man who was just offensively good-looking. He looked like one of those underwear models or something. Tall in a too-tight-T-shirt, with spiky dark hair in a style that could have been achieved with an electric razor but he’d probably paid fifty quid for at a salon aimed at women. A waxed chest, judging by the naked v of skin that was visible below his neck. He was flashing a chiseled, perfect, cologne-ad smile at Ezra. People could model cologne and underwear, right? Because this guy definitely did.

Jesse hesitated at the bathroom door, and felt a shaky warmth bubbling up in his stomach as the underwear model reached into his back pocket and passed Ezra a thin bit of card. His number, maybe? Why the hell was some underwear-cologne model giving Ezra his number?

Why the hell was Ezra putting it in his pocket?

Ezra turned from the bar, eyes scanning the room, and that placid, drink-smudged smile widened when he locked eyes with Jesse. He leaned back against the sticky wood, weight on his elbows, and beckoned with one long finger, and it was like an invisible rope reeling Jesse in. The underwear model glanced Jesse’s way and melted back into the crowd on the dance floor and Jesse’s anger went with him. He planted his hands on either side of Ezra’s waist, bracing himself against the bar, and crowded Ezra against it to kiss him and taste the drunken want on his tongue.

“You ran away,” Ezra accused, tugging on Jesse’s hair lightly.

“You started talking to other guys,” Jesse murmured, and yet with Ezra’s hand playing with his ear and the wide, blissfully peaceful expression he wore when he was drunk, it somehow didn’t matter.

“Only because you ran away,” Ezra teased, and bumped his nose against Jesse’s clumsily.

“Can we go?” Jesse whispered, dropping a hand to slide it around Ezra’s hip and down to the top of his leg, rubbing against the denim of his jeans lightly. “Back to the hotel? I have designs.”

“On what?”

“On you and the bed and being bendy.”

Ezra grinned, and downed the rest of his glass in one expert motion, his back and neck flexing like liquid in suspension. “I knew you got me drunk,” he accused, and Jesse laughed, putting a hand into Ezra’s back pocket to hook him in and guide him out. The night air was cold after the heat of the bar, and the underwear model had vanished like an ugly, sexy mirage.

“You shouldn’t talk to underwear models,” he blurted out, and Ezra laughed too loudly in the street.

“I only talk to your underwear,” he retorted, and then all the sense of it was slipping away, and Jesse simply forgot in favor of other things.

For the moment.



Meet Hawthorn from A Hint of Cayenne by Decadent Kane

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Touch Of Cayenne 200Click HERE to order your copy now!!

Two bounty hunting elves must put aside their attraction when a malevolent fairy comes up for grabs. Cayenne and Hawthorne both need the twenty gold reward, but only one can walk away with it.

Cayenne and Hawthorn go toe to toe as they compete against each other, and their attraction, for a bounty that could solve everything…for one of them. Hawthorn has a gambling debt to pay, and Cayenne wants to provide a real home for her sister.

Heat flares between the two despite their differences, which infuriates Cayenne to no end. Hawthorn wants to wring Cayenne’s neck, right after having his way with her. However, his gambling demons come back to haunt them both. The dark drow don’t take kindly to having someone welch on their debts. Can Hawthorn get out of trouble with a dark elf before Cayenne and her sister pay the price?


Those of you who already invested in Decadent Kane’s recent print release will already have been able to read this 4th book in the acclaimed series.  Today though it’s my great pleasure to be able to introduce Hawthorn to you all.

Thank you for joining us Decadent and bringing Hawthorn to join us today.  Hawthorn, welcome to the blog, we’re very pleased to have you here.  Why don’t I start by telling us what got you in the crosshairs for your author?

Because I’m a sexy bounty hunter and she knows I’d look good on paper. –Hawthorn smirks-

You know, you only look good on paper because she’s good at putting you there right?  *grin*… What was it that drew you to your mate?

Her fire. She wasn’t afraid of me and she stood up to me better than most male’s I know. Oh and that right hook of hers… –Hawthorn rubs his jaw-

You gotta love a strong woman… so here’s a little naughty fun, where was the wildest place you seduced your partner?

I had her tied to a tree… covered in honey… what’s more seductive than that?

Well, that’s certainly unique. A bit sticky for my tastes, but I’m sure it added an element… Here’s a great question, if your partner wants to seduce you, what’s one sure fire trick she can play?

Suck on my finger….

Subtle. Is there a place on your partner’s body that you know will drive her wild-in and out of bed?

Her neck.

The neck is quite an intimate area… after all, you’re right up in her face!  Here’s your chance to spill on Decadent… What was one of the most embarrassing things she did to you in A Hint of Cayenne?

She had a fairy curse me and Cayenne together…we couldn’t hardly stand each other and we were cursed to not move more than like eight feet from one another.

That’s fairly awful actually.  Probably one of the worst things I’ve heard of an author doing in a while… and judging from the grin on Decadent’s face, she really enjoyed it!

Chat soon,



The Writing Junkie


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When you’re a writer, there is something in you that fills you with dread if you don’t write.  It doesn’t have to be a lot.  In fact, a few 100 words will suffice.  Most of us can go a few days without doing something creative, but we start to shake when we’ve waited too long.  Some days, it gets so bad that I’d be willing to write cereal box copy just to do something vaguely creative… and if you’ve read a cereal box lately, vaguely creative is pretty much how you’d describe it!


It’s one of the reasons I love the quote above.  You see, if you can quit, quit.  If you can’t, you’re a writer.  That about sums up how I feel about writing.  I can’t remember not writing something and it’s still true for me.  When you get a bunch of our authors together and start chatting, you soon realise that one of the things we all have in common is the fact that we feel this compulsion to put words together and create.

It is one of the reasons that so many of us will answer the question of “are you working on something right now?” with, “well, there’s my romance, the YA, a collection of short stories and I’m debating a paranormal steampunk crossover”.  Yeah, we have creative ADD *grin*  It’s also a big reason why a quick glance through various social media fields will show you that our authors are prolific.  In some cases, we have authors who signed their first contract a year ago and are even now working on their 4th or 5th signed book.  Not bad going right?

I confess, that this is an addiction that I would highly encourage you all to indulge in.  It’s right up there with collecting books.  No harm, no foul.

Until next time…

Domino xx

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